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On Grid Solar Power Plant

On Grid Solar

On – grid solar systems are by far the most common at the moment, and they are systems that are connected to the public electricity grid and have no battery storage. Any solar power that you generate in an on-grid system, and do not use in your house, is exported onto the electricity grid. You will usually get paid a feed-in-tariff (FiT) for the energy that you export.

Excess electricity runs through the meter, which calculates how much power you are exporting. Electricity that is sent to the grid from your solar system can then be used by other consumers on the grid (your neighbors). When your solar system is not operating, or you are using more electricity than your system is producing, you will start importing electricity from the grid.

Application :

Industrial :
Factories, Industries, Shops, Offices, Godowns, Warehouses, Petrol pumps.

Institutional :
Hospital, School, Clinics, Railways, Establishments, telecom towers, banks, ATM.

Domestic :
Rural Households, Rooftops, Farmhouses.

Components :

  • Solar Modules
  • Solar Inverter
  • Mounting Structure
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